Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hotter Than A Young Alicia Silverstone

At some point Vegas is going to find out about the Brian Vickers System - there's just no other way.

Thirteen wins, six losses and two pushes yesterday. That, boys and girls, is nothing to sneeze at.

Sunday's NFL-free Vickers...


Raptors (+6)
vs. Celtics

76ers (+6) at Hawks

Kings (+2.5) vs. Mavs

Lakers (-11) vs. Heat


Purdue (-6)
vs. Wisconsin

Penn State (+6.5) at Minnesota

LaSalle (+2) vs. Temple

LSU (+3.5) at Alabama

UNC-Wake Forest OVER (171)

USC (+2) vs. UCLA

Yesterday: 13-6-2
Overall: 201-162-9

-Brad Spieser (