Friday, November 7, 2008

Gambling 2K8: XXXVII (College Picks Only)

Utah is two wins away from delivering me a perfect season. Next week, they play the pathetic Aztecs from San Diego State University...that's a win. After that, home against BYU in the Holy War. Thems being the facts, how excited do you think this guy will be watching that game in Vegas? Anyway, the picks...

Nevada (-1.5) at Frestucky

Words: I'll give you six bucks if you can explain this pointspread to me. I hate anointing locks, but Jesus, this thing makes no sense. Nevada's record is 4-4, and while Fresno's been disappointing, they're still 5-3 - with three three-point losses - and oh, by the way...the game is in the freaking Valley? Why is Fresno the dog tonight?

Western Michigan (+7.5) at Illinois

Words: Is that the going rate for the third best team in a decent Mid-American Conference? Really? Do I have to bust out the man-for-man game again to point out the overwhelming talent disparity?

Vandy (+24) vs. Florida

Words: If Vandy covers, it's because they scored at least 28 points. I'm hoping Vickers knows something we don't, because there's no effing way the Gators are staying under 50 - have you seen the Tebow/Harvin Show lately? Unstoppable. I just pray they can meet up with Oklahoma in postseason play.

Iowa (+7.5) vs. Joe Paterno is going to die in the next five years.

Words: I don't know what else the Nits have to do to prove their worth to Vegas, and I don't know why I have to keep paying for it.

LSU (+3.5) vs. Nick Saban's stupid face

Words: Like Penn State and the Boise Murdering Murderers, Alabama has been undervalued all year by Vegas. I ain't sure why, and it's costing me money, but the Brian Vickers System won't allow us to avoid this game, which should have a 7.5-10 pointspread.

(Dear Vegas,

Get this through your thick skull: Alabama, Penn State and Boise are really good.


UCLA (+7.5) vs. Oregon State

Words: Talk about another team who's better than they're given credit for. Oregon State opened the season with a road loss to Stanford and a mouth-raping in Happy Valley. Since then, they've been great, and the win over USC proves they're not fugazzi.

West Virginia (-6.5) vs. Cincinnati

Words: There's not much to say here - Craig and I expect a tight game and we were confused when the 'Neers opened as an 8.5-point favorite.

San Jose State (-7) vs. Louisiana Tech

Words: SJSU struggles to score and they barely held off a lousy Idaho team last why are they favored by more a TD over a team that just took down Fresno?

Last week: 7-3
Overall Vickers record: 53-44-1

-Brad Spieser (