Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Gots The Truth, Boys And Girls

It's possible that you watched television or listened to the radio four weeks ago. It's also possible that on your television/radio you watched/heard various hosts calling out Jay Cutler for claiming he was better than John Elway.

This, of course, never happened. But don't bother telling every media outlet on Earth that.

All Cutler did was say that his arm was stronger than Elway's, which may actually be true (although unimportant).

Can every fatso at a longest drive competition hit the ball further than Tiger Woods?

Can Jason McElwain shoot more accurately than Jason Kidd from three-point range?

Can 15-year-olds everywhere throw harder than Jamie Moyer?

Obviously. But nobody is suggesting Big Lou McGee (or whoever) possesses even an ounce of Tiger's skill on the golf course.

So why were Cutler's harmless (and possibly true) words a topic on PTI on more than one occasion? Why did Mike and Mike devote nearly a full segment to essentially telling Jay Cutler to shutup? More importantly, why did the mainstream media run with the story and blow it out of proportion? Did you, the listener, stay glued to your radio while this discussion was taking place? Wasn't this message board fodder and nothing else? Questions, man. Questions.

This was just another example of broadcast journalism forcing me to rip my hair out. It's also the topic of our latest podcast, "Two White Guys Settle The Jay Cutler-John Elway Nonsense." Enjoy.

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)