Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gambling 2K8: XXXVI (Faith In Vickers)

Before the start of the college football season I placed a handful of American dollars - at 40/1 odds - on Utah winning all twelve of their regular season games. Roughly seven hours before their tenth game, the Utes remain undefeated. One would think I'm thrilled about the potential to rake in the dough - especially with a Vegas trip coming at the end of the month. Ehhh...not so much. This is because Vickers has gotten in the way with my rooting interest.

Tonight, we gots TCU (-1.5) at Utah.

Words: Typically Craig and I wager on the team we feel has little chance to cover the spread, and it's been working at a better-than-55% clip through almost 100 games. But tonight is a little different. You see, I think TCU is the better team. I think their defensive line is too quick for Utah, just as they were too quick for BYU. I've seen both teams play more than once, and I really feel TCU is the superior group.

So where does Vickers come into play?

Remember, this whole thing started with fishy pointspreads, and what Vegas was telling us. And when No. 8 Utah is getting points at home to another non-BCS school, well, I think Vegas is begging you to take Utah, for they'd like to build another casino.

For the second time in the Vickers era, I'm pulling for my heart over my head. And if TCU wins by a point, I'm throwing the neighbor kid down the sewer.

(By the way, how goddamn wonderful are giraffes? I've been Google image searching "giraffes," "giraffe sex," "giraffe fight" and "giraffes drinking water" for the past half hour and I can't stop laughing at the results. I've never understodd how anyone can claim to like any animal more than a giraffe. Giraffes are the best animals on Earth, plain and simple. I mean, how great would it be to have a flock - or gaggle, or whatever - of those idiots in your backyard? I want you to know that I've never been more serious in my life.)

-Brad Spieser (