Monday, November 17, 2008

The Most Underrated Buckeye Of All Time

A few months back, over on the Hineygate board, a thread was created to discuss the most underrated player in OSU history. Since this topic was invented for a psycho like me, I actually gave my $0.02 (a rarity for me). I can't recall my list of players (although, in an attempt to sound smart, I probably referenced Joe Cooper and Brent Johnson), but I'm here to revisit the topic...and set the record straight.

Will Allen is the most underrated player in Ohio State history (or at least in my lifetime).

And with Michigan only days away, I can't help myself from thinking back to the glorious conclusion of the 2002 regular season, a 14-9 heart attack over the Wolverines...

Allen, a junior in '02, made a habit of making clutch plays in his time at Ohio State. Let's count the ways...

2. BCS Championship Game vs. Miami - Will Allen destroys Willis McGahee's knee. This is the hardest I've ever cheered after an injury (Rob Reynolds choking out Jim Sorgi is No. 2). Related note: I'm going to hell.

3. 2003, San Diego State game - The Aztecs, a 32-point underdog, with a 1st & Goal from the Buckeye 5, appeared to be headed to a 14-3 lead on No. 2 Ohio State until Allen returned a pick 100 yards for a a contest the Bucks held on to win 16-13.

The very next week...

4. Triple OT vs. Phil Rivers and NC State - As Wolfpack RB T.A. McLendon looked to be headed for the end zone on 4th & Goal,
Will Allen stopped him inches shy of the goal line to preserve the 44-38 win.

Not bad for a guy who only started for one year.

-Brad Spieser (