Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Craig Wears A Gayish Sweatshirt

That is a picture of Craig's hand and steering wheel, taken recently in Cleveland, Ohio.

Forget about the steering wheel and Cleveland part, and focus on the hand part. Did you know that certain men's sweatshirts were now being made with longer sleeves to allow a thumb hole? Me neither. But apparently they're popular. When Craig and I last recorded he was wearing this dumb thing, and I didn't notice it until maybe 45 minutes into our session. When I did notice it, though, I called him out immediately, and that became a three-minute podcast titled, "Trendy Clothing Annoys Me."

Here's the deal: Craig acts as if he doesn't care about a thing in the world. But I assure you, even if he was experiencing severe chest pain, he wouldn't hop in an ambulance until he was satisfied with his appearance. In fact, he wouldn't dial 911 until he was presentable. And if he couldn't get dolled up before his heart stopped...well, he'd rather die than let Jim the Paramedic pass judgement on his exterior.

Thems are the facts.

-Brad Spieser (