Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gambling 2K8: XXXII (Sunday Night Spectacular)

Craig and I decide on 95 percent (or more) of our Vickers picks on Monday morning. The remaining five percent almost always comes from (a.) games we missed, for whatever reason and (2.) games with unposted early lines - which is the case tonight.

Indianapolis played last Monday, and Vegas waited a day to post the line. Since are minds were already made up for the upcoming weekend, we failed to recognize a pointspread that feels about three points off.

We gots the Colts (-6.5) over the Patriots tonight, and they had better triumph by more than a touchdown, or else I'm headed to Vegas to homicide the genius who felt like the Colts are more than a touchdown better than anyone, much less the feisty 5-2 Pats.

Facts: The Colts have lucky wins against (1.) Minnesota and (2.) Houston, not to mention home losses to (3.) Jacksonville and (4.) Chicago and a one-sided abortion last week in (5.) Nashville, against Tennessee's Titans of the AFC South...not to mention (6.) significant injuries up and down the roster.

That being the case, how in the hell are they still getting so much respect from Las Vegas (a city in Nevada)?

Week 9 NFL record: 2-1
Overall Vickers record: 51-39-1

-Brad Spieser (