Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 43 (Headed To Vegas)***UPDATE***

Believe it or not, I still have faith in the Vickers System. the last two football weekends have been dreadful - we're now under .500 - but I still have faith. That's no bullshit, either. I know in my heart we're doing the right thing by betting unconventionally. We need to tweak a thing here or there, but the system is here to stay.

But I'm going to Vegas this weekend.

And again, we lost our ass the last two weekends. matter how strong my faith is in the system, it's hard to remove that taste from my mouth. The line of thinking should be, "Our system - and Vegas - has taken a beating the last two weekends, and it probably won't happen for a third; let's stick with Vickers for one more week.

But I'm a degenerate, on my way to the degenerate capital of the world. How in the hell will I be able to stay disciplined in Vegas with the recent past fresh in my mind?

We'll see. My goal - but it's by no means a promise - is to document every sports wager I make in my three days in Vegas. I have plenty to choose from, too: The last full week of regular season college football, the first full week of college hoops, the NFL and NBA have full slates and Vegas is hosting a rather large bout involving British fighter Ricky Hatton and his psychotic fans (video below). It'll be a miracle if I return home alive.

The NCAA Vickers picks...

Georgia Tech (-3) vs. Miami
Temple (-10.5) vs. Eastern Michigan
Tennessee (+3) at Vandy
Marshall (+9.5) at Rice
Oklahoma (-7) vs. Texas Tech
Nevada (+7) vs. Boise Murdering Murderers
Penn State (-16.5) vs. Michigan State

NFL Vickers...

Bengals (+11.5) at Steelers
Bears (-7.5) at Rams
Vikings (+2.5) at Jags
Raiders (+9) at Broncos

Season record: Look it up yourself, dickead!

The Alan Cutler podcast will be posted later tonight.***UPDATE***The Cutler podcast is up and running***For now, enjoy the insanity that follows Ricky Hatton - this happened 11 months America!):

-Brad Spieser (