Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where's Katsopolis And Gladstone When You Need Them?

Possible understatement: I enjoy viewing televised sporting events. I spend my Saturdays wagering on seemingly every college game. My Sundays are used to watch upwards of 13 NFL games on Sunday Ticket, and my weeknights are wasted flipping back and forth between as many as ten NBA games on League Pass. I'm a junkie. Thems facts might make me pathetic and all, but at least I'm honest. And single! Anyway, I have a list of people I want dead, and they all work for a rather large automaker.

Perhaps you've heard of Toyota, who I'm guessing has an advertising budget of around $80 trillion.

I watch pieces of maybe 75 games a week, and I swear to everything holy that Toyota leads off every goddamn break with that "Saved By Zero" commercial, which has to be the most annoying commercial in the history of commercials. Am I wrong? Anyway, after 7,112 viewings, I've finally reached my breaking point. And if you're not there yet, here's your chance:

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)


daniel said...

Fuck this commercial. Every damn sunday, it takes over my mind. I just wanna get thru one game without having to hear it.