Friday, November 14, 2008

Promising Female Ruins My Evening

I spent one hour and fifty-two minutes last night speaking to a young lady on the telephone. And boy was she stupid. Not stupid in the sense that she lacked intelligence - she's 25-years-old and has three college degrees - but stupid in the sense that she doesn't drink alcohol.

She told me this, basically, as goodbyes were being exchanged.

Now, it's possible that I'll see this human again - after all, I'm not a gay guy - but she's like the Reds in mid-September: Eliminated from contention.

(And if you were wondering, yes, I told her about this very decent website, but her computer is being repaired at the moment. So, unless she checks the blog archives when she gets that sucker back, I feel pretty safe that she'll never find out my not-so-quiet secret.)

-Brad Spieser (