Monday, November 3, 2008

Gambling 2K8: XXXIII (Elton Brand Loses His Virginity)

(The dumb library won't allow me to upload a picture. I'm upset about this. I don't think they want my Internet website to succeed. Because of this nonsense, I will now start talking on my cellular device...and not in my indoor voice. Zing! Take that, dumb library!)


Vickers has a place for basketball. I needed you to know that.

In case you forgot, the Brian Vickers System was inspired by basketball before it was inspired by some redneck car racer. Now, I realize publicly picking games against the spread works better for football, obviously, because the great majority of games are played on Saturday and Sunday. But that doesn't mean Craig and I aren't going to throw our hard-earned American dollars on a professional hoops match when the line seems somewhat strange. We're trying to make money, you know? Anyway, after a week of privately testing the system (4 wins and a loss, of course) we're taking this sucker to the street. Tonight!


76ers (-11.5) vs. Kings

Explanation: Aside from Kevin Martin - who is still underrated, somehow - the Kings are pretty terrible. But they're still professional athletes, right? I mean, it's not like a college football game featuring the Boise State Murderers and some dickhead team from the WAC, where Vegas can't set the line high enough. Nope, this is a bad team (Sacto) taking on one who's merely a little better than okay, and therein lies the problem. My problem. The Sixers shouldn't be double-digit favorites on anyone; lines like that are reserved for really good teams. I hate this bet, but I have to take it.

Overall record: 51-40-1

-Brad Spieser (