Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Chapter 42 (No Comment)

Professional football wagers with assistance from an innovative system named for an unknown NASCAR driver...

Raiders (+10) at Dolphins

Falcons (6.5) vs. Broncos

Transition into unrelated topic...

My fear with the University of Cincinnati Bearcats basketball team for the upcoming season: While this is obviously the most talented team of the Mick Cronin era, I'm still fearing the worst. The reason? Point guard. Deonta Vaughn is a really good player - and I expect him to improve over the next two years - but he's not a point guard. Not even close. Forget the fact that he's not a good passer (although, how could you?), and try to think back to last year's Crosstown Shootout. Xavier pressured Vaughn every time he brought the ball up the court and - whether Lavender or Burrell were sicking him - he struggled to get the ball across halfcourt, much less set the offense.

So, without another healthy point guard, I'm expecting every opponent to harass Vaughn immediately the ball is inbounded.

Cronin's neglect in regards to recruiting PGs is really inexcusable. Cashmere Wright's injury was devastating, but where's the solid Juco backup? And if Wright suffers a setback, the Cats will have the same problem next year; no point guards were brought in for the 09-10 season, and scholarships are maxed out. Yippy!

-Brad Spieser (