Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Not Ready To Discuss Todd Boeckman (Or The Bengals)

I kept telling myself all day that I needed to update the site. The Buckeyes ruined my weekend and the Bengals, well, they didn't exactly make it worse, but they didn't give me a reason to be any less pessimistic than I have been. That being the case, I needed to update the site. But I didn't want to - still don't, actually. The last thing I want to do is write about Todd Boeckman or any other aspect of Saturday Night's Main Abortion featuring Ohio State and USC. I suppose I'll wait a day to really give my thoughts on all things Buckeye.

Regardless, I needed to update the site.

So you get a funny podcast, where you can here Craig and I discuss, among other things's:

1. My germaphobia being taken to new levels at my weekend job as a bar back at a popular downtown establishment.

2. Unprotected intercourse (a fun topic for the whole family).

3. Interracial porn.

4. Making out with AIDS patients!

5. Which blacks do racist whites hate the most?

And all of this in five minutes! Listen, you could spend three hours of your Monday morning listening to Alan Cutler, or you could spend five minutes with us. While neither will provide any information, our podcast, french kissing aids patients for cash, will at least be entertaining. Five minutes...that's it. Do the right thing.

-Brad Spieser (