Monday, September 8, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Part Seven (Volquez Infected)

Dave Bush is somewhere between average and crappy; Edinson Volquez is great. Dave Bush and the Brewers are somehow favored tonight, which means they'll obviously win big.

Monday Vickers pick: Brewers (-115) vs. Reds.

And for the record, yes, Craig and I actually wagered against Volquez. And yes, I'm hoping to lose my money - I just can't bring myself to root against Volquez, but this sucker is oozing with Vickers goo.

So there you have it, I might be the first person with an online account who hopes to lose money.
The Brian Vickers System is my religion.

Current Vickers record: 5-3

(Truly unbelievable details of the Kyle Orton wager to be posted later.)

-Brad Spieser (