Monday, September 1, 2008

Craig Challeneges Military Man To Push-Up Contest

Craig was kicked out of a fantasy football league for the fourth time in his adult life just last week. My fantasy football league. I'm not happy about this, although Craig thinks I spearheaded the mission to kick him to the curb. That is not the case. The reality is that I'm not entirely sure why he was given the boot, especially since most of the league participants don't know the guy. After doing a little digging, however, it appears Craig's confrontational attitude, which is amplified on podcasts, had a lot to do with the decision to replace him with a less disruptive human.

What's the point?

Craig recently engaged in argument...on a golf course...with a military man. Craig called the man's wife a fat slob. Smart, I know.

Oh yeah, he told his version of the story on a pretty great podcast. So take six minutes of your pathetic life and listen to craig challenges military man to push-up contest and tell me if that sort of behavior should keep him out of fantasy football leagues.

-Brad Spieser (