Monday, September 29, 2008

Paul Newman Dead; Me Not Care.

Paul Newman died over the weekend, and it didn't faze me (I was unfazed). I haven't seen enough of his movies and didn't drink enough of his Thousand Island to care. Plus, the dude was old. That pretty much explains my indifference. But my parents? It affected them - it made them feel old.

Whatever. I feel old. Me! Arthritis and everything.

Jason Williams, aka "White Chocolate," retired over the weekend, and it makes me feel like stocking up on stool softener and Metamucil. Wait, maybe Metamucil is stool softener - I honestly don't know. But I suspect it's the type of thing I'll need to know since I'm officially an old person. Anyway, Jason Williams retired, and I'm finding it hard to believe.

Was 1998 that long ago? Because that's when Jason Williams took the league by storm for a minute. And as crazy as the last sentence seems, he did take the league by storm. Perhaps you remember...

You also might remember what might be the second greatest sports commercial of all time (I'll reveal the greatest sports commercial at a later date)...

"Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born." Credit goes to Nike for perfectly summing up the 1998 versions of high school teammates Randy Moss and Jason Williams.

One final note about Williams. I checked his
Wikipedia page
and found a humorous nugget:

'Williams is often called "White Chocolate" because he talks with an urban accent and the fact that he is often associated with a Black street-rooted style of basketball, despite being white.'

Wigger. The word is wigger.

-Brad Spieser (