Friday, September 5, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Part Four (Vickers Goes Public)

The Brian Vickers System is now 2-0, and it's about time to go on record with the selections. As for the reason I haven't alerted you to the obvious winners ahead of was just a timing issue. Both the bet I wrote about (the Clemson/Alabama rushing total) and the one I didn't (Livan Hernandez +190 vs. Tim Lincecum) were spotted at the last second and I wasn't near my computer to post a quick little write-up. And I have documentation, but my blogging template won't allow me to paste the screen shot from without causing an html problem.

Anyway, with a full college slate less than 24 hours away, I figured it's time to unveil this week's Vickers picks. Craig and I did hours and hours and minutes and days of research, and came away with the following picks:

Buffalo +13.5 at Pitt

Louisiana Monroe +14 vs. Arkansas

New Mexico +3.5 vs. Texas A & M

Marshall +21.5 at Wisconsin

I could give you a brief explanation of why the Vickers System applies in each case, or you could just trust me. Anyway, picking these teams might look silly--and unlike anything I've ever done--but Brian Vickers is a good man, and he's yet to let us down. Come join us on our path to gambling nirvana!

-Brad Spieser (