Thursday, September 4, 2008

Abbreviated 2008 NFL Preview

Facts: (1.) The NFL season starts in about nine seconds, and (2.) I'm more than a little tardy with my NFL season predictions.

But first, take a look at the NFL wagers I made for the upcoming season:

Saints OVER 8.5 wins (-180)
Vikings OVER 8.5 wins (-190)

Romo +9.5 TD passes vs Brady (-140)
Frank Gore +0.5 rushing TDs vs. Edgerrin James (-120)
Marques Colston -35.5 receiving yards vs. Houshmandzadeh (-115)

I shall be swimming in pools of $100 bills in about four months!

Another gambling note: The Brian Vickers System is now 2-0. Details to be posted tomorrow, along with the Vickers picks for the weekend! This should excite you - hence the usage of the exclamation point at the end of the previous sentence.

Without further ado, here are my quick predictions for the 2008 NFL season:

AFC playoffs:

1. Jags (12-4)...Jones-Drew gets more and more touches, becomes legitimate star
2. Pats (11-5)...Up and down all year. About time for them to suffer bad luck.
3. Steelers (11-5)...Mendenhall is best back on team - fumbling issues result in fewer carries
4. Chargers (9-7)...Merriman plays in eight games; regrets decision to play.
WC: Colts (10-6)...Gonzalez becomes No. 2 over Harrison
WC: Browns (9-7)...Quinn makes an appearance and impresses; controversy gains momentum.

Close, but no cylindrical roll of tobacco cured for smoking: Jets (9-7); Texans (9-7)

On the rise (relatively speaking): Raiders (7-9)...I think JaMarcus Russell proves not to be a bust; Zach Miller becomes top 8 fantasy TE

Random AFC predictions: Dwayne Bowe avoids the curse of Michael Clayton; Ben Utecht catches 65 balls; Ted Ginn returns three kickoffs for TDs; The Bengals finish with a 5-11 record; Ricky Williams reminds people how talented he still is.

AFC Championship: Jags over Steelers

NFC playoffs:

1. Saints (12-4)...Brees goes for 35-40 TDs; Bush catches 85 balls.
2. Cowboys (12-4)...Felix Jones wows people in limited duty.
3. Vikings (11-5)...Jared Allen, 20 sacks; Peterson, 1,600 yards without being overworked.
4. Cardinals (8-8)...Tim Hightower slides ahead of Edgerrin James by midseason.
WC: Packers (10-6)...Rodgers, top 10 fantasy QB; Jennings sees increase in production.
WC: Lions (9-7)...What the hell?

Close, but no cylindrical roll of tobacco cured for smoking: Eagles (9-7); Panthers (8-8)

On the rise (relatively speaking): 49ers (7-9)...Patty Willis might be the best LB in the NFL, and I haven't given up on Martz just yet.

Random NFC predictions: Jason Campbell continues to be the walking definition of mediocre; Giants don't use Ahmad Bradshaw as much as they should; Tampa wins four games; Frank Gore hits 2,000 total yards and 15 TDs; Matt Ryan is somewhat non-terrible from day one; Nate Burleson catches 85 balls; Calvin Johnson hauls in 15 TDs; Kyle Orton starts 16 games; Justin Tuck once again posts double digit sacks despite the losses of Strahan and Umenlkmdkknfdyoura; Marques Colston, top fantasy WR.

NFC Championship: Saints over Vikings

Super Bowl: Jags over Saints.

End of words. And the first game ain't even started yet. Word up!

-Brad Spieser (


Daniel Phillips said...

Like i said to you in an email, i know nothing about gambling. But does +9 mean that you think Romo will throw 9 more TD's than Brady? I am a huge Cowboys fan, but i don't think thats gonna happen. I agree with you about the whole AFC playoff picture. The NFC though...i have it a little different. I don't think the packers or cardinals make it. I'd put the Giants and the lions in the wildcard. I'd have the seahawks or Rams finishing ahead of the cardinals.

Twin Killing dot Com said...

+9 means, essentially, that Romo starts the year with a 9 TD advantage. If Brady throws 40 TDs and Romo throws 32, I win.

I like the Packers this year. I think Rodgers will be a good player and they're loaded everywhere else. They have too much talent to go in the toilet.