Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ravens 17 Points, Bengals 10 Points

I know you're expecting me to write about the Bengals, but what could I say that isn't obvious? I already voiced my concern with Carson Palmer, which, of course, was immediately dismissed by blind Bengals fans - and now, after laying an egg vs. Joe Flacco and the below average Baltimore Ravens, I can't possibly say anything that you don't already know.

This team is shit, the coach is shit, the owner is shit and the attitude as a whole is shit. Things are bad, and they're getting worse. Much worse. And if you don't see it this way, you're obviously an idiot. This is not an opinion.

If you want optimism, go read Geoff Hobson. And if you have optimism, please email me (and I'll likely respond by calling you an idiot).

-Brad Spieser (


Buck F1tches said...

Mike Brown is definitely shit. There is no reason that Chris Henry should be allowed back. This is what happens when you treat a team like a business instead of a team.

Daniel Phillips said...

It all starts at the top. They need a change from top to bottom. How long has that GM been there? I'm not too familiar with the bengals, but you can tell from the performance on the field and off the field incidents that they need an overhaul. I hope they get it too, every fan deserves to have a competitive football team.

Twin Killing dot Com said...

Chris Henry is my hero.