Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Annoying Movie Cliches And Whatnot (Podcast)

Think back to the scariest moment of your life. Whether a wasp was chasing after you or if you were illegally watching a bootleg version of Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead, just get back to that moment. Now, I'm guessing the one thing you didn't do in that moment is go to the bathroom all over yourself. In movies, however, scared people have all sorts of trouble controlling their bladders - why is that? Now, I realize this movie phenomenon usually occurs when a high-powered weapon is pointed in the general direction of Mr. Pee Man's face, but still...what the hell?

Anyway, Craig and I discuss this and other movie cliches in our latest podcast, annoying movie cliches and whatnot. It's less than four minutes long, and it's mostly safe for work. Sounds interesting, right? Give it a listen or I will blow up your house with dynamite and similar explosives.

-Brad Spieser (
9/11/08 (the 7th anniversary of Mom basically telling me terrorists were driving planes into our house next)