Monday, September 8, 2008

Kyle Orton Follow Up

Kyle Orton completed 13 passes Sunday night vs. Indianapolis. Which is precisely why, as you may recall, Craig and I bet on Orton to complete more than 18.5 passes in an NFL game.

Upon further review, it was either the silliest line ever posted or the dumbest wager ever placed. Probably both. Consider Kyle Orton's gamelogs: In his eighteen career starts, only once did he complete more than 17 passes. Once! In eighteen career starts! That's nearly impossible. Regardless, how in the hell does Vegas list Kyle Orton's over/under at 18.5 completions? And why did they charge me extra (-120) to play it?

Funny thing, though: I woulda bet every penny to my name on Orton's UNDER in my previous, Vickers-free life.

Religion is a dangerous thing.

-Brad Spieser (