Monday, September 15, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Part Eight (Betting Against Philly?)

The Philadelphia Eagles are a good team - maybe even really good. Donovan McNabb is healthy and motivated. Brian Westbrook is great...and still somehow underrated. DeSean Jackson is the kind of dynamic gamebreaker the Bengals desperately need. Andy Reid is a good coach. Jim Johnson is a well-respected defensive coordinator. Do I need to go on? Philly is good. Maybe really good. And I really don't think they should be getting a touchdown tonight in Dallas.

Which means the Cowboys (-6.5) are the Vickers pick tonight.

The Brian Vickers System, by the way, is about two weeks away from (a.) Vegas taking notice, and (b.) A certain guy I call "me" quitting his job. Craig and I now have an 8-4-1 record when we obey the orders of our fearless leader, Mr. Brian G. Vickers.

-Brad Spieser (