Saturday, May 31, 2008

People Not Named Me Also Think Jay Bruce Is Good

Said Dusty Baker, MLB veteran of forty years, referring to Jay Bruce:

"Everybody said he was good. Sometimes guys get over-hyped. Most times you're disappointed at first. This hype is real."

From Buster Olney's blog: An AL talent evaluator remembers taking his first real look at Jay Bruce: "Last spring I saw him face Curt Schilling in a minor league game. He took two fastballs about two inches off the black away and then hit the third one, on the black, way out to left. It comes so naturally to he was born with a firm knowledge of the strike zone and the ability to do damage on anything in the zone. Joey Votto actually has a lot of the same traits. Those two are going to be pretty fearsome from the left side in a division without a lot of [left-handed] power."

-Brad Spieser (