Monday, May 5, 2008

Talladega: Day 2 Continued (The Peanut Challenge)

When I wrote my day 2 recap of Talladega I somehow neglected to tell the story of the Peanut Challenge, an idiotic competition that would have made Mom proud. Or not.

What I did write is that I lost my camera in the grass late Saturday night, thus preventing me from snapping any more photographs. That actually happened, except that it happened after the Peanut Challenge.


For God knows what reason, a handful of us were sitting in our RV and shooting the shit on Saturday evening. I'm guessing we were bored. Or perhaps it was raining. Boredom and rain happened a lot. Regardless, it led to the Peanut Challenge.

As we sat in the RV, one of my buddies--I can't recall who--challenged me to finish off what remained of a 90 gallon jug (approximate size) of Planters dry roasted peanuts; somewhere between half and two-thirds of the canister was full--more than you or I have ever eaten in a three-day stretch, much less one sitting. Now, I'm never one to shy away from a competition, but I also needed an incentive.


I was to finish off this mountain of nuts for sixty American dollars. And I had to do it in twenty minutes.

The onlookers thought it couldn't be done. I was officially disrespected, and you know what that means.

Timer ready...BEGIN!

Five minutes in, and I've never been so determined. That Kobayashi guy is overrated.

This picture was taken somewhere around the twelve-minute mark. You can't tell by my expression, but I started to feel really stupid right about then. I'd been eating as fast as possible for eight minutes and I'd barely made a dent.

This is the five-minute mark. I had actually started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but that tunnel was probably fifteen minutes away, not five. Which means...time to call it quits. That Kobayashi guy is 100 percent MAN. I do believe I'd like to shake his hand.

(By the way, did you notice the nudy poster on the wall? White people are embarrassing.)

It was at this time when I lost the camera.

That was Saturday.

Also, I hate myself.

-Brad Spieser (