Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi, Hello and Welcome: Part Ten (Miss Me?)

It's been over a month since I last goofed on George Grande. For that, I apologize. There's actually a good reason for such neglect: The NBA playoffs. I TiVo both at the same time and since I can't fast-forward basketball and get a feel for the game, baseball becomes a casualty. I still watch every pitch, I just miss all the dumb crap Grande spews on a nightly basis while I'm fast-forwarding between pitches.

Anyway, the Celtics-Pistons game hasn't started, so my full attention is with Grande. And he just dropped a beauty. Here's what he had to say about Adam Dunn passing Ted Kluszewski for most HRs by a Reds lefty:

"252 HRs as a Red left-hand hitter. That's number one all time, one better than the great Ted Kluszewski. And it's not lost on Adam Dunn. Dunn, since he put on a Reds uniform, has marvelled at Big Klu's numbers. Not just the home runs, but the few strikeouts in his career and the kind of player he was, and leader he was, for the Reds."

Idiot's Guide To What George Grande Just Said...

Since the day Adam Dunn came to the Reds he's marvelled at Ted Kluszewski's HR totals, his ability to avoid strikeouts and at the type of leader Big Klu was.

Important fact: Ted Kluszewski's last year in Cincinnati was 1957.

Stating the obvious: George Grande is out of control.

-Brad Spieser (