Thursday, May 15, 2008

Unoriginal Blogger: Part Two (What to Watch)

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't been begging you to watch the NBA playoffs. This didn't happen because I know you don't care...this happened because the NBA playoffs have been mostly horrible. Aside from a game here or there, or the performance of Chris Paul, it's really been pretty boring. (By the way, Boston has ZERO chance of winning the championship; they're running on fumes)

Anyway, tonight will deliver the drama. The Hornets lead the Spurs 3-2 and game 6 is in San Antonio. The Spurs, I promise, will play every possession with twice the heart of that baby buffalo from the Battle at Kruger video. The Spurs' mini-dynasty appears to be over--I have a feeling that New Orleans will close them out tonight--but the Spurs won't go down without a fight. I can almost guarantee it will come down to the last few minutes.

(Note: This is the kind of prediction I hope is correct. If right, I'm can say I told you so. If not, people will forget.)


Cliff Lee (6-0, 0.67 ERA) and Edinson Volquez (6-1, 1.12 ERA) face each other Sunday. Not to sound bitter or anything, but if Lee and Volquez pitched for Boston and New York, ESPN would have started ESPN3 for this reason alone.

That is all.

-Brad Spieser (