Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ernie Sims Is A Smart Person (Now This Is Funny)

Admission: I don't know how to post videos on YouTube. Perhaps this is a skill I should learn, being that I am the CEO of

As for the reason I'm telling you this: Detroit Lions LB Ernie Sims just made me laugh the way Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker makes me laugh. I'll post the quote below, but the video would be gold,

The 6 p.m. Sportscenter ran a three-minute piece about Caleb Campbell, that rookie safety from Army (the Army? the Armal Academy?), and his prospects of making the team. Here's what Sims had to say about the guy (good luck interpreting):

"I asked him how it was from being in the military, and he said it's just being in the military. So, um, you know, I kinda look up to him, cuz he's doing something that a lot of us don't do."

Apparently "a lot of us" is the new slang for everybody in the NFL.

I need to figure out this YouTube thing...

(By the way, how stupid are Big Ernie's arms from his days at Florida State?)

-Brad Spieser (


daniel said...

If the hulk was black...that's what he would look like

Twin Killing dot Com said...

the hulk is ed norton, and we saw what he did to blacks on the basketball court in american history x.

i guess what i'm trying to say is ed norton is a better athlete than ernie sims

daniel said...

A great movie by the way...American History X