Friday, May 16, 2008

Patrick Swayze = Buffalo; Keanu Reeves = Lion (Obviously)

It finally dawned on me why I like the Battle at Kruger video so much: it's exactly like the beach football scene from Point Break. Kind of.

Johnny Utah tackling Bodhi into the water is eerily similar to the way the lion takes down the baby buffalo.

Think I'm nuts? See for yourself. Up first, the Battle at Kruger:

(pay attention from the 2:01 mark until the 2:12 mark)

Next, we have Johnny Utah tracking down Bodhi from behind, recording the solo tackle:

(Pay attention from the 1:06 mark until the 1:22 mark)

See what I mean?

(By the way, either Utah is the fastest ex-quarterback of all time or Bodhi was just really slow, because Utah fought through five blockers in pursuit of the ball. Five. Also, as ridiculous as Point Break is, I've always found the football scene to be the most ridiculous'ist scene in the movie. I mean, were they playing with any sort of boundaries? Bodhi was already in the water before Johnny Utah took him down. Perhaps they were big fans of Arena League football...)

(Note: I was a poor student.)

-Brad Spieser (