Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Road Rage and Nick Van Exel (Minus the Van Exel)

1. Ever get nervous when the car in front of you throws out a burning cigarette and it goes directly under your car?

2. Do you know what it means to corn a car?

3. Do you get upset when people behind you give courtesy honks after the light has turned green?

4. What about getting cut off on the highway--does that make you want to stab everybody in the neck?

5. Do you think Edinson Volquez will go on a date with me?

If your answers to the previous five questions are (1.) yes, (2.) no, (3.) no, (4.) not necessarily and (5.) yes, but he's not looking for a longterm thing...then the newest/awesomest podcast, "car stuff--burning cigarettes and courtesy honks," is the perfect stocking stuffer for the one you love.

Go listen. Tell friends. I mean it, dickheads!

-Brad Spieser (