Friday, May 2, 2008

Remember When Daisy Fuentes Was Relevant?

Here's a sentence I didn't see myself typing at midnight on a Friday: It's been a big week for Daisy Fuentes.

But it has. It's been a big week for Daisy Fuentes.

First, a slimeball member of the paparazzi photographed Fuentes topless on some exotic island. Second, Craig and I devoted more than ninety seconds to her on a podcast.

Like I said, it's been a big week for Daisy Fuentes.

Podcast notes...

The conversation begins with Craig and I discussing the absurdity of snapping pictures during kickoff of the Super Bowl.

Which somehow turned into a chat about Daisy Fuentes, and how she used to be overweight.

Before you know it, we start talking about how ugly Gabrielle Reece is, although I'm still kicking myself for failing to mention her ridiculous 1970's below-the-belt hairstyle (similar to Katarina Witt's).

And then, somehow, it led to this...

(UPDATE: I'm having trouble loading the Daisy Fuentes podcast. Be patient, boys and girls.)

(UPDATE No. 2: The podcast is finally on the media player. Horny?)

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