Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Nerdy Baseball Question

Way back on April 13, in the year 2008, I asked two nerdy--but honest--questions about baseball rules. No response.

I have another.

The scene: Let's say a pitcher, in this case we'll use Edinson Volquez, throws five perfect innings, and his team is leading 8-0 when a tornado sweeps through the ballpark, killing six and injuring eighty-five. Being that five innings are complete (making it an official game), and one side is winning--and people are dead and stuff--the game would obviously be called. Edinson Volquez throws a perfect game! I rejoice and whatnot.

My question: Would Edinson Volquez's perfect game go down as a quality start? I don't know, but my guess is that it wouldn't. A quality start is defined as six innings or more and three runs or less.

Six innings or more.

You suck, Edinson Volquez.

(Off to Columbus--I'll post some crap later.)

-Brad Spieser (