Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Bathroom Situation at Talladega

Of all the places to see a black at a NASCAR race, I encountered one in the bathroom. Right next to me. Did I sneak a peek? The answer to that question can be heard in our latest podcast, "the bathroom situation at talladega."

Believe it or not, we arrived at this story after discussing sports. It's true. Craig and I were reviewing a few of the Bengals' draft picks, most notably 2nd-round WR Jerome Simpson and his impressive combine measurables. If you've listened to our podcasts for longer than a month, I'm pretty sure you can guess where the subject changed to peeing next to a black in a Talladega bathroom.

Other things's heard on the podcast:

A comparison between Talladega's bathroom and one at a Detroit Tigers game.

You wouldn't think that we'd be able to fit all of this into a podcast lasting eighty seconds, but we do. I think this speaks to our overwhelming talent. Or something.

-Brad Spieser (