Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jay Bruce, Savior (Like Jesus 'N' Stuff)

Sad fact: I am no longer a daily bettor. But if I was...

I'd bet on the Reds every day for the next two weeks or so. The Reds are ready to win ten or eleven of the next twelve games. This isn't a hunch, either (even though it is). But really, can't you just feel it coming on? Because I can. I can definitely feel it. Are you with me? Can you feel it?

(Question: Do you think Jay Bruce has a chance to win the Rookie of the Month Award for May?)

Anyway, we learned a few things about Jay Bruce on Tuesday:

1. He's one of the thirty greatest players in the history of American baseball (possible exaggeration).

2. He wasn't scared of the moment. This happens when you're better than everybody else.

3. He's genuinely liked by his teammates. There's no way to fake that, either. This might mean something, it might mean nothing. But I want to believe this crap matters, so leave me alone.

4. Tomorrow is Taco day at lunch!

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)