Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stop Telling Me About The Cincinnati Cyclones

Just to clear things up...

I don't give a flying hell about the goddamn Cincinnati Cyclones! If I receive one more email about this--or if the Cincinnati Enquirer devotes another inch to them--my head might explode. It's minor league crap, and you know it. I feel the same way about NKU hoops, Miami Redhawk athletics, high school football, high school basketball, Arena League football and the Turpin JV wrestling team.

Proximity + Winning = Interesting is a formula that makes very little sense to me.

And before you tell me some nonsense about affordable ticket prices, let me axe you one question: Why do you think ticket prices are so cheap?

That is all.

(Picture explanation: I did a Google image search of "minor league hockey" and a photo of Vanilla Ice holding two AMA trophies was among the results--and obviously, too good to pass up.)

-Brad Spieser (