Monday, May 19, 2008

Anyone Feel Odell Thurman Was Treated Unfairly?

There was a time, about a month ago, when my poll question set the odds of Odell Thurman recording another tackle for the Bengals. My ridiculous voting options (which included a very realistic 900,000,000/1) indicated that I gave Thurman a ZERO percent chance of playing even one more snap for the Bengals. To me, it seemed obvious. The guy has never been able to keep his nose clean...why would today be any different? And for anyone who cries about Thurman's ousting being unfair because of his family situation in Georgia, let me ask you something: Don't you think he did something to deserve his release from the team? Think about it. Why else would they sever ties with a freakish (and wildly productive) athlete after waiting so long for him to get his act together? My guess is that Odell Thurman is a terrible human being.


For all of the blind Bengals fans who annoyingly filled up my inbox after I posted a silly poll question, I'm just letting you know that I'll gladly accept your apologies.

-Brad Spieser (


daniel said...

Players who repeatedly get into trouble, get what they deserve. I am a Cowboys fan and i will be cheering for Adam Jones to be a great cornerback for the defense, but anytime Roger wants to yank him out of the NFL, i will be the first one to say "finally". My only complaint about all of these situations is that i dont think coaches would be treated the same way. Getting a little off i crazy for thinking Bill Belichick should be kicked out of the league to never return? Pete Rose and Tim Donaghy will never be a part of Major League Baseball or the NBA ever again. They cheated...repeatedly. Maybe what Belichick isn't as bad, but even if it isnt there has already been a precedent for that kind of behavior. Even though its never been a precedent in the NFL, i think it should be time to make him an example. Something tells me i'm having delusions of grandeur

Twin Killing dot Com said...

Listen, I don't care if my football "heroes" are troublemaking knuckleheads. I really don't. I just want them to be productive. But, if the head coach feels as if said knucklehead is hurting the team with his off-the-field be it.

daniel said...

I really don't care if players get in some trouble here and there either. But if they have a list that's pages long on the things they've done, the consequences are like any other job. Except that athletes have cat lives and it takes the 9th time for their careers to die. But if Pacman starts makin it rain in the endzone after intercepting passes...i will wear his jersey proudly. My opinion shouldnt matter i guess, im so bias :)