Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prioritizing and Whatnot

I drank seven bottles of domestic beer instead of posting this last night:

My favorite song of all time is not CeCe Peniston's "Finally," although it probably cracks the top 950. I bring this up because it's the only song running through my head at the moment, and I have Pete Mackanin to blame.

You see, as I was watching the Reds-Cards tilt earlier, I heard something that made me want to punch a guy's head (and/or neck), and stop me if you've heard this before...his name was Pete Mackanin. Chris Welsh and his mustache just said Pete Mackanin was now going to play Josh Hamilton against lefties. "It's time to find out if Josh can be an everyday player for us," said the Reds dopey Field General, who is about a month late with his decision.

An everyday player? Wasn't Pete Mackanin a goddamn scout?

Question: How is it possible for everyone with eyesight to know that Josh Hamilton is a blend of Willie Mays, Roy Hobbs, God, Superman and Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez, and yet Pete Mackanin was platooning him with Dennis Hopper until yesterday?