Friday, September 14, 2007

Football Picks and Andre' Woodson is Good

My podcast titled "dumb broadcasters-black college qbs-gambling" revealed my all-important NCAA Five Star Lock of the Week. If you listened, you're smart. If not, you're a stupid idiot. See how that works? Anyway, for those of you who aren't able to listen at work, I'll give you a hint: It was the OVER (77) of Kentucky-Louisville.

As for the NFL, I'm taking the Houston Texans (+6.5) at Carolina.

My record was 1-1 last week, and I'm pretty sure I might just do the same thing this week (now that's confidence). Either way, bet everything you can on both of these contests. If you win, you can take all the credit. If you lose, you can blame me, as opposed to your ballooning gambling habit.

Back to the Kentucky-Louisville game: All locks aside, please watch this game (7:30 ET, ESPN Classic). I never steer you wrong with these recommendations, and that's because I only pass along the ones I feel strongly about ("The Wire," Martina Hingis at the 2006 Australian Open, The Fratellis, et al). Sometimes I have no choice but to alert you to greatness, even if you already kinda knew.

In this case of greatness, you might be familiar with UK QB Andre' Woodson, but it's likely not familiar enough. If you're not familiar at all, here's what I can tell you: He's incredible. Like, top 5 pick incredible. Not to go Alan Cutler on you, but I've been watching this guy since he was a Freshman and he's gotten nothing but better since then (and he was fairly polished back then). I'm not a scout but he appears to be fundamentally perfect in the way Carson Palmer is fundamentally perfect. He's a big guy with a strong arm. He throws a great ball and is accurate when throwing long. Oh yeah, don't let his blackness fool you into thinking he's a running QB; he can move a little bit, but he's a traditional pocket passer.

(Apologies for failing to mention Louisville QB Brian Brohm, who is equally fantastic. I suppose I did this because you already know about him. Anyway...)

Please watch this game.

And then kill yourself.

-Brad Spieser