Friday, September 21, 2007

5 Star Locks of the Millennium

Answer: Yes

Question: Did I just wake up from a 13 hour nap?

Being that I promised an all day football blogging spectacular, it appears as if I'm a bit behind on schedule. Here's to hoping I can make it up to you over the next 3.73 hours...

My NCAA and NFL locks for this weekend are as follows:

NCAA: Air Force (+11.5) @ BYU

NFL: Arizona (+9) @ Baltimore

My suggestion: Call your bookie right now and tell him you want $80 trillion on each. If you win, you can say "pay me, dickface?" If you lose, you can tell him you were "just joking." If he doesn't think it was funny, you'll then have to pack up your clothes and move 5-7 states over. And you'll probably have to change your name, grow a mustache and never return home. Either way, you win!

(Note: fantasy advice coming in the next 25-164 minutes.)

-Brad Spieser