Sunday, September 16, 2007

Panic Mode Starts...RIGHT NOW!

I'm almost comatose, and no disrespect to the BLT dip, but I'm blaming Dexter Jackson. And Marvin Lewis. And Chris Henry. And probably God.

Questions that need to be answered before bedtime:

1. Does Chuck Bresnahan need to be fired?

2. Why in the hell didn't Marvin Lewis challenge the spot on the Braylon Edwards 3rd down reception at the 3:11 mark of the 4th quarter? (For the record, it wasn't a fumble. But Edwards was clearly a half yard short of the marker.)

3. Did Palmer just play the second greatest game of his young career (behind the 2004 comeback win at Baltimore)? I say yes. Remember it wasn't his fault they lost.

4. Should Steve Beurlein be allowed back in the booth after today?

5. Should I buy a Glenn Holt jersey?

6. Chad Johnson is fucking incredible. Not a question, I realize, but Christ, that dude is an animal.

7. Did you ever think that--in a game where they scored 45 points--that the two players who were missed the most would be Chris Henry and Chris Perry? Palmer needed those two desperately when they were in two-minute mode.

8. Why did Marvin Lewis choose to kick the 19 yard FG on 4th & 1 on the opening drive of the 3rd quarter? It was after a turnover, they're on the road, they were trailing I need to continue? You have to go for a touchdown in a shootout; FGs aren't good enough.

9. Why did Marvin Lewis choose to punt on 4th & 2 near midfield (and maybe in Browns' territory) with 13:00 remaining and trailing 41-38. If you learned anything from question No. 8, it's that you don't punt in shootouts unless you have no other choice.

10. The defense is slightly worse than terrible.


-Brad Spieser