Thursday, September 20, 2007

High School Girls are Like, Really Smart

Except for the times I had my fingers crossed, I have never lied to you. Which is why you should know that what you're about to read is probably true.

My roommate, a female, is a very smart person. BUT...she watches some stupid shit on our 25" Panasonic color television. Such as MTV's Newport Harbor (pictured above), a "reality" program that follows a bunch of rich idiots during their senior year of high school.

And before you think it's unfair of me to say such meanspirited things about teenagers, I need you to continue reading for another eight (to twelve) seconds, as it will undoubtedly justify my strong feelings...

What would you think if I told you that--in the most recent episode of Newport Harbor--the word "like" was said 108 times in 22 minutes?

(Note: I have no idea why Sean Penn hates America, but if this is the reason, I don't blame him.)



Trust me, I counted.

I weren't no good in math class, but that's nearly five times per minute. Like, I don't even know what else I can like, add to this.

Update that has nothing to do with the Newport Harbor morons: I will be posting football-related mini-blogs all day Friday. I plan to (a.) wake up early, (b.) eat an Adderall, (c.) read stuff, (d.) watch stuff and (e.) write about the stuff. Have a nice work day, idiots!

-Brad Spieser