Friday, September 21, 2007

Fantasy Football is a Serious Issue

The most recent podcast is an angry fantasy football voice mail left by my friend Frank. Just last night, myself and my co-commissioner, Al, were forced to veto a shady trade involving Ladainian Tomlinson. The voice mail was left within five minutes of the ruling.

Upon wakeup (almost 1pm), I checked my email and found that Frank took his feelings public (relatively speaking). Below is what he sent to the rest of the league. Before taking it in, here are a couple of details that will help you:

1. The trade details: Frank was sending McGahee, Harrison and Bulger to receive Tomlinson, Hasselbeck and Reggie Brown. This was not a joke.

2. When he continually says "Cool Dudes," he does so for a reason: our league is called the Cool Dude Fantasy Football League.

3. Jeff R*** is the guy who sent him Tomlinson.

4. Al and I tried to get them to modify the trade last night (which he referenced on the voice mail, but I failed to explain), with Frank declining. This morning, Frank had a change of heart and he's decided to throw Steven Jackson in the trade, replacing McGahee. I guess Tomlinson is worth it after all.

5. The sentence that begins "When you Losers are home in bed..." was an attempted shot at the way the rest of the league makes a living. When he says "playing golf with Marty," it's because one of our guys works for Fox Sports and routinely plays golf with Marty Brennamnen. Frank apparently resents that. Who knew?

6. I decided against fixing Frank's awful grammar. He didn't deserve it, you know?

7. Listen to the podcast before reading this.

Anyway, enjoy Frank's angry rant, which was titled "Veto Power."

I would like to take this time to explain my side of the story. Everyone in this league knew Jeff R*** would trade LTat some point in the yr. So I'm the bad guy for offering a trade-right. Cool Dudes trust me I know its LT- but honestlyI think the trade was good for R***. With that said I do notwant to be known as a thief or a shady gm- so me and R*** will modify this trade and Stephen Jackson will be involved.It was never my intention to screw anybody. I liked R***'s team better after he made the trade. Bulger to Holt, Harrison, Gates, Barber, Mcgahee. The point was made to me today you don't trade LT- well if thats the case you should never trade Payton Manning either-right? He's been traded about a 100 times in this league-also its not a keeper league anymore-its all about what have you done for me lately-right? So I got the message and Like I said I'll takecare of it. Also don't hate on me for my passion of Fantasy Football. When you Losers are home in bed, kissing your wives, placing bets, making music, selling cars, selling trash bins, routing truckers, blogging, and playing golf with Marty-- I'm trying to do anything I can to win a 4th- yeah I said 4th Title. So I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry for making what you people out there think is a SHADY move- and R*** and I will modify this trade to includeStephen Jackson. Cool Dudes thanks for your time and remember even at 0-2 I'll be there in the end! Peace,


-Brad Spieser