Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Bengals Will Win...Maybe


Seattle is a good team. Seattle is even gooder at home. Typing with shaky hands is less than awesome (how did John Daly ever make a putt?). Shaun Alexander is a really good RB, albeit overrated. Shaun Alexander doesn't tip. Seattle's WRs are nothing special. In case you forgot, Joe Nash is a bastard. Mark Curnutte picked the Bengals to win. Again. I might just do the same thing.

(Note: I wont write about anything mentioned above, but it had to be mentioned.)


Lee Corso acts like an idiot. Even when he's not trying to act like an idiot he acts like an idiot. BUT...he's the guy who says "not so fast, my friend." Which is why Lee Corso is NOT an idiot. Does that make sense?

And the reason I insulted Mrs. Corso's husband?

Because the Bengals have a legitimate shot today. And not just in an "any given Sunday" sort of way. Riddle me this...

Why is Seattle, a perennial playoff team, only favored by 3.5 points? I mean, their home field advantage is off the charts, plus the Bengals just gave up 51 points to the freaking Browns, which means they obviously stink, right? RIGHT?

To that I would say...don't you think Vegas knows what they're doing (aka 'not so fast, my friend')? The line is 3.5 for a reason, peoples.

The Seahawks have been terrible against the pass thus far, and they haven't exactly faced the '98 Vikings in the first two weeks. Seattle's first two opposing QBs (Garcia and Leinart, guys I really like) can't even dream of stretching a defense the way Palmer can. It's an obvious statement, I realize, but it warrants mentioning.

Palmer is poised to have his greatest season ever, and that means pulling wins out of his ass even when it seems unlikely. And in this case, a win doesn't even seem that unlikely. Think about it...which roster would you rather have: the Bengals or the Seahawks?

To me, the answer seems obvious: the team with the star QB.

As for my prediction, I think the Bengals will toss up 30+ points. And lose.

(Was this a waste of your time?)

-Brad Spieser