Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Do Jeff Kent And Gerald Henderson Have In Common?

Five things...

1. At the age of 29 Jeff Kent was a .274 career hitter with 78 HRs, and now he's a virtual lock for the Hall of Fame. He claims to never have used steroids, and goes so far as to say that he's embarrassed to have played during the steroid era. I'm having trouble believing him (most players peak at age 27). Speaking of fun facts and steroids...

2. Bill Romanowski played a prominent role in Super Bowls XXIII and XXXVII. Speaking of controversial figures...

3. It's looking more and more like Charles Barkley won't be a part of TNT's All Star Saturday broadcast. Words cannot express how sad this makes me. Speaking of blacks...

4. Duke's Gerald Henderson is enjoying a wonderful junior season, but where is the constant mention of his violent 2007 cheap shot to the head of Tyler Hansbrough? I can guarantee you, had Henderson played for Bob Huggins in the mid-90's this story wouldn't go away, nor would the video. Speaking of Coach Huggins...

5. Only twice did I see score updates of Saturday's Louisville-West Virginia contest. First, I saw the Cards were mouth-raping the 'Neers 45-25 at half. Next, I saw the final: Louisville 69, West Virginia 63. I smiled. I wasn't surprised, but I smiled. The reason? Bob Huggins. His teams never lay down. Ever. I'm sure I'm missing a game or two from the past twenty years, but I can only recall one game -- the second round 2004 tourney loss to Illinois -- where his team flat-out quit. Besides that, I'm drawing a blank.

This was fun.

Thursday's Vickers...


I miss John Chaney (+9) at Xavier

Detroit (+11) vs. Butler

Barack Obama's Thanksgiving table mate (+5) vs. Is Lute Olsen still alive?
Wisconsin (-3.5) vs. Flyin' Illini

Oregon (+8.5) vs. James Harden is good

Washington State (+4) vs. Stanford

Portland (+10) vs. Gonzorga

Yesterday: 10-4
Overall: 291-256-17

-Brad Spieser (