Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Might Not Be The World's Biggest Nick Van Exel Fan

The subject line read, "Nick Van Exel game tapes."

I sobered right up. Here is what a complete stranger sent me recently:


I notices on a recent blog about Yancy Gates that your a huge Van Exel fan. I also am a huge Nick fan and have 68 Van Exel games on DVD. I am writing this email to see if you would potentially like to trade games as im always looking for Nick games I dont have or if you would be interested in selling copies of games I want to me, im willing to pay very nicely. I have a 200 plus NBA dvd collection of all sorts of games, a 2 hr highlight dvd on Nick i made from highlights shown on NBA action, sports centre, just various places. I am also desperately looking for the Van Exel Beyond the Glory episode aired in 03.

please email back and if interested ill send you the list of the games I have.


Brad D******* (huge Cats and Nick fan)

Now, forgive the various typographical and grammatical errors and focus on the greater meaning: THERE'S A CHANCE I MIGHT NOT BE THE BIGGEST PSYCHO ON THE PLANET!

And really, I'll be upset if that's true. But it might be. I've had semi-regular email correspondence (to verify I'm not being messed with by a buddy) with this lunatic since his initial email (aka intimidation tactic), and I can tell you with absolute certainty: I might not be the biggest Nick Van Exel fan on the planet.

Now, would I bet against myself in a Nick Van Exel trivia contest? Hell no. I say the following line knowing full well what a homo I sound like: I always just assumed I was the biggest Van Exel fan around, to the point where I'd be shocked if anyone, anywhere knew more about the man than I did. But that might not be the case, and that kind of bums me out.

Will I send this dude my Van Exel game tapes? Sure. I'll do anything for someone who was as moved as I was by one of the NBA's all-time underrated (and under-appreciated) players. But something doesn't feel right about it.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday's Vickers...


Indiana (+4.5)
vs. Northwestern

Marquette Warriors (+2) vs. UConnecticut

Blue Demons (+13) vs. Supernova

Terps (+6) vs. Duke is Duke

Davidson (-25) vs. NC Greensboro


Wiz (+4.5) vs. Sixers

Knickerbockers (+3) vs. Magic

Clips (+9) vs. Celtics

Yesterday: 3-4
Overall: 364-306-18

-Brad Spieser (