Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Every Game Is A Big Game For The Cats

As I sit here excited to listen to UC's game against St. Johns, I want to remind you that a win is not guaranteed. And the same goes for upcoming matches versus Seton Hall and South Florida (presumed wins for those who have rejoined the bandwagon). I know they should win tonight -- and I'm expecting just that -- but these guys still can't score. At all. Their margin for error is somewhere between minuscule and nonexistent. Don't get me wrong, I'm jacked----the second half at Georgetown (against a desperate -- and more talented -- Hoya team) finally had me buying the "Bubble" talk and checking the remaining schedule, but I'm realistic. The Cats remain short on talent (for Big East standards), and although they're suddenly long on heart, they will need more than a few breaks to hear their name called on Selection Sunday.

Speaking of UC basketball, a current player on the roster, Deonta Vaughn, proved -- with a quote in today's Enquirer -- that it's a maddening experience to cover college and pro athletes for living:

Vaughn said there have been some hard times along the way, especially during that first year when the Bearcats were so overmatched physically. But when asked to name the hardest time, he came up dry.

"I really didn't have no hard times," he said upon further reflection. "I just take it one game at a time and just play. I really don't think a lot about anything being hard times.
What? Does that make any sense? Don't you get the feeling that if Vaughn were asked tomorrow about all the hard times that he'd have no problem rattling off eight or ten specific instances where he considered jumping off a building (and/or transferring)? Athletes are strange, and often times not the brightest people in the room.

Regardless...Go Cats!

Vickers (By the way, I'm guaranteeing at least a 6-4 record tonight -- there are a few truly bizarre odds out there)...


NC State (+6)
vs. Wake Forest

Dayton (+3) vs. Xavier

Tennessee (-16.5) vs. Georgia

Wisconsin (-11) vs. Iowa

Baylor (+3.5) vs. Boomer Sooner

Kansas State (-11.5) vs. Texas Tech


Bobcats (-8) vs. Wizards

Raptors (+6.5) vs. Spus

Jazz (pick 'em) vs. Lakers

Clippers (-5) vs. Knicks

Yesterday: 2-3
Overall: 311-275-18

-Brad Spieser (