Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Huge Fans Of Cute Boys And Talented Blacks

Ten things -- most of them questions -- discussed in our latest podcast, "We're Huge Fans Of Cute Boys And Talented Blacks."

(Note: Once again Craig and I go way past the line of tasteful humor, but that doesn't mean it's not funny. Anyway...)

1. Quick, who was the more attractive Arizona Cardinals QB in 2008----Kurt Warner or Matt Leinart? Our answer may surprise you.

2. Kurt Warner's wife, Brenda, dramatically improved her appearance over the years, but that doesn't mean she's beautiful, either.

3. Did Brenda Warner have cancer, or was it just Patrick Swayze?

4. Was Patrick Swayze good looking when he was good looking? What about John Travolta?

5. Do you think skilled dancers receive fellatio more than anyone else on the planet?

6. If you claim to be a straight male -- and you don't think a 24-year-old Tom Cruise was devilishly handsome -- my only conclusion is that you're a gay guy.

7. Jamie Foxx is overrated (Warning: You may not want to listen to this section at work.)

8. Who's at the top of your list of handsome black athletes? Troy Smith? Dwight Howard? Reggie Bush?

9. Have you ever seen your mom naked? Don't lie.

10. When Craig was ten, his 15-year-old babysitter was playing her role as the town whore (just ask his cousins and uncles). This all happened while she was (supposed to be) watching Craig and his brothers.

That is all. Now have yourself a listen...

-Brad Spieser (