Monday, February 2, 2009

Thoughts About The American Super Bowl Match

Six things...

1. Steelers first drive...4th & Goal from the inch-line...and Tomlin sends out his FG unit? Huh? The worst-case scenario sees the Cardinals getting the ball on their own goal line and facing the best defense in football and possessing no running game whatsoever (and a QB who is absolutely not going to sneak it). The Steelers won the game and all, but you have to go for it in that situation.

2. Were you watching the clock right before the two-minute warning in the first half? Karlos Dansby picked off Roethlisberger and was tackled to the Earth with 2:02 remaining...which means...what? A full commercial break, followed by Arizona running one play to bring the game to the two-minute warning, followed by another full commercial break. But that's not how things went down. After about five full seconds the clock mysteriously ticked down to 2:01, hung there for two or three more seconds and ticked down to 2:00. I don't know what the hell happened, but I can guarantee you there were more than a few NBC executives who lost their goddamn minds. The Super Bowl is all about the advertising dollar, and some dickhead clock operator wasted a golden opportunity to make a few white people a lot of coin.

3. When did Larry Fitzgerald become the fastest man in the world?

4. Darnell Dockett's performance in a losing effort was so dominant that it elicited the following text from Craig: "Darnell Blackett." This is actually a pretty big deal. This is akin to Johnny Carson inviting up-and-coming stand-up comedians to come over and sit with him.

5. Santonio Holmes made a nice catch to win the Super Bowl, but everybody should be talking about Ben Roethlisberger's throw----there was no margin for error on that sucker, and placing that ball twelve inches lower might have meant "Interception Cardinals. Game Over. Roethlisberger hangs himself." Ballsy throw. Perfect throw.

6. Like most Super Bowls with dramatic endings, this will be remembered as a great game; it wasn't. Not to say I wasn't entertained, but it was far from being a well-played game from beginning to end.


7. Nothing is cool about Bruce Springsteen. Nothing. That back-and-forth with Silvio Dante at the end of his performance was just about the lamest fucking act I've ever seen.

Monday's Vickers...


Wisconsin-Green Bay (+1)
vs. Butler


Knicks (+5.5)
vs. Lakers

Suns (-15) vs. Kings

Warriors (+5) vs. Spurs

Yesterday: 0-2
Overall: 279-251-16

-Brad Spieser (