Monday, February 9, 2009

New Podcasts On The Way; My Audience Is Presumably Horny

Craig and I just finished a lengthy podcasting session -- our first in almost six weeks -- and while we had a ton of things to talk about, there's no telling if it'll be worth a shit (there never is). And we did a lot of goofing on racial stereotypes (more than usual) and I'm not sure how it will turn out--I'm hoping for the best, obviously, but we really crossed the line a few times.

Anyway, I have to spend my next three hours listening to myself, with hopes of finding site-worthy material----I should have something posted later. For now, I leave you with Monday's Vickers...


Missouri (-4.5)
vs. Kansas


76ers (-3.5)
vs. Suns

Clippers (+1) at Anybody (including tonight's game in Charlotte)

Tennessee Grizzly Bears (-2) vs. Almost Anybody (including tonight's game versus New Orleans)

Bucks (+6) vs. Rockets

Yesterday: 3-2
Overall: 306-270-18

-Brad Spieser (