Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wagering On (Mostly) Black Basketball Players And Whatnot!

I have one of the all time unrealistic movie scenes on the way. But I just got my hair did, which came on the heels of a full work day, and now I gots to play basketball at a YMCA in one of Cincinnati's seediest neighborhoods, but before I leave I must wash the hair off my neck----this is of course because a brother gotta feel good to play good.

Anyhow, I will post the newness tonight when I return from my American basketball contest. Until then, enjoy the magical ride presented to you by Lord Brian, who continues to turn the gambling world upside down (highlighted by last night's 5-1 record)...


Temple (-26)
vs. Fordham Rams (ham and ram rhyme)

Southern Florida Bulls of Florida (+5.5) vs. Hoya Paranoia

Huggins (-9.5) vs. Luke Harangody is (a.) a selfish player and will (b.) suck in the NBA.

The 'Ville (-14) vs. Providence College (Why does everyone say "BC" for Boston College but never "PC" for Providence?)

Wisc-Mil (+5.5) vs. Butler Butts

Virginia (pick em) vs. Did we ever figure out why Huggs hated Seth Greenberg?

Northwestern (-1.5) vs. Buckeyes


Canada Dinosaurs (+7.5)
vs. LeBron James weighs 275 lbs.

Philly (+1) vs. Nuggs

G-State (+5) vs. Lakers

Yesterday: 5-1
Overall: 339-284-18

-Brad Spieser (