Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kurt Warner's Legacy Hangs In The Balance

You're probably wondering what I think will happen in today's big American football contest. Here goes: I think the Steelers will homicide the Cardinals. I think Kurt Warner will spend the day on his back, throw three interceptions (one being returned for touchdown) and I think his performance -- fair or unfair -- will ultimately keep him out of the Hall of Fame. I can't tell you how strongly I feel about this.

Listen, I'm a sucker for Warner's story just like everyone else, but it doesn't mean the following two things aren't true:

1. Warner throws a ton of interceptions (126 picks in 120 career games).

2. The Steelers are far and away the best defense the Cards have faced this year, especially in the category of terrorizing QBs.

Sure, Warner hangs in the pocket with more courage than just about anyone I've ever seen, but he's also a little too willing to carelessly heave the ball into traffic----that won't fly today. If the Cards hang in there today, or win the game outright, Larry Fitzgerald was the best guy on the field, and bailed out Warner more than usual. And even then, it might not be enough. I'm hoping to watch a well-executed, highly entertaining game, but Super Bowls often disappoint...and that's precisely where we're headed today.

Prediction: Steelers 37, Cards 13.

Sunday's Vickers...

Raptors (+6) vs. Magic

Pistons (+4.5) vs. Cavs

Yesterday: 8-5-2
Overall: 279-249-16

-Brad Spieser (


Daniel Phillips said...
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Daniel Phillips said...

I posted something about Kurt Warner being good...after that throw, he should be banned from the Hall of Fame